Go Crusing Around On Bridgestone Tires And See The World

Gripping the road and balancing your vehicle, tires play the most important role of maintaining correct contact between your vehicle and the road.

Misalignment, loss of balance, weak and inappropriate tires and your vehicle may be headed towards danger. So before giving the safety of your life and your car to the tire you choose, you must think twice. The market is full of products that will woo you with promotional material and great testimonials. But are they truly good? Only record can stand by a product's claims. When the product is not a mere detergent but something that may compromise your safety if not chosen wisely, then one should be doubly cautious.

Tires from Michelin are world renowned. Many users vouch for it. From government organizations to private users, Michelin Tires is trusted by many. Their research and development center is said to be state of the art, constantly innovating and creating tires that have been trusted worldwide. Taking into consideration latest requirements, road conditions and vehicle upgrades detailed research is being carried on continuously to improve upon the existing products. Michelin Tires are widely used for racing cars and on racing tracks. Formula One cars, rally cars and bikes sport Michelin Tires. From tires for trucks and heavy load vehicles to sleek mean running machines, Michelin Tires is a hands-down favorite for the European community.

Michelin summer tires as the name indicates are suited for the weather conditions in the summer. These tires are proven capabilities to increase fuel economy, last long and have great braking capabilities. The Pilot Exalto model is known to be famous for negotiating sharp bends on wet roads. For the fastest cars like the Porche, Michelin has its Pilot Speed which is very popular amongst racers and those who live life on the edge. For vans, Michelin offers the Agilis while for all terrain four by four their pick is the Michelin Latitude. Covering a broad spectrum of vehicles, Michelin has truly established its mark in the automobile industry.

When we talk about the wet roads, how can we forget the snow of the winter? From snow to sleet to ice all pose dangerous driving conditions and only the best tires can handle the unsafe road conditions safely. Michelin Alpine tires are meant for snow driving. It can be used for fast cars in snowy road conditions. These roads take in to wet slippery road well and handles the curves and sudden breaking safely. It almost eliminates the chances of skidding because of its excellent tread and tire threads. Some of the winter tires from Michelin are Latitude Alpine, Primacy Alpine and Agilis Snow Ice all are suitable for vans and all terrain vehicles.

Since Michelin spends a lot on research every year, their tire variations according to extreme weather conditions are truly manufactured to meet the ruthless driving conditions. Remember maintaining the balance of the vehicle and carrying the load of the vehicle along with a smooth ride depend a lot on the tires.


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